About Us


Your Trustworthy Rodent Control Team In Brisbane 

RIP RODENT CONTROL is a reputed rodent control service provider in Brisbane that offers safe and effective rodent control and elimination services at a budget-friendly pricing plan. Our skilled and experienced pest control professionals employ fine-tuned and effective rodent control treatments that not only remove them but also prevent them from coming back. We have various options to control rodents. Our company has devoted around 25 years to this industry then we have achieved this level of success. 

Our Top-Of-The-Line Rodent Control Solutions And Services 

Following all the norms and guidelines devised by state law, we chalk out a safe and customised rodent removal treatment plan with foolproof results. Take a look at the approaches that we undertake to make your property rodent-free. 

Before beginning our rodent removal program, our inspection team assesses every nook and corner of your property to understand the severity of the infestation. We then chalk out our trapping plan according to the report. 

  • We set traps in the most infested parts of your home, and use peanut butter as bait.
  • Once the rats, mice or rodents enter the trap, the cover closes automatically. 
  • After that our professionals release them outside your property at a distant location.
  • If the infestation is severe, we might use rodenticides to eliminate them. 
  • Our professionals use several preventive measures to avert their re-arrival. 
  • To make your property completely germ and disease-free, we offer sanitization as a complimentary service.  
  • Also, we finish our rodent removal project with a post-inspection program to make sure that there is not a single rat present. 
  • We offer same-day dead rodent removal services. 

Our Certifications And Proficiency 

Rodents are of several types, and not all species fall for the same trap. We group up with potent and industry-expert pest control agents who have in-depth knowledge about rodents, their types, and the treatment that works for each species. 

  • Our team member skillfully removes dead and alive rodents, making your home and office rodent-free within a week. 
  • We know how to use different traps and baits and carry out the program hassle-freely.
  • Our team has Certificate III in Pest control operations.  

What Makes Us The Trustworthy Choice For Brisbane People?

For over 25 years, RIP Rodent Control Brisbane has been serving flawless rodent removal services to precious clients in Brisbane. And not for a single time, any single client has ever complained about our service quality, behaviour, or pricing plan. Rather, we are trusted by thousands of people in Brisbane for the following qualities:

Easy booking: Booking our service is extremely easy! You can schedule your session on your preferred timeline through call, email, or SMS! Our Professionals respond to all your queries on the same day.

Same-day service: Dead rodents emit threatening germs, bacteria, and an intolerable odour. In such cases, we offer same-day and quick service to remove dead pests. In fact, in case of an emergency, we are also ready to offer our rodent elimination services. 

Always on time: Our punctuality is what marks us as unique from the rest. With a well-equipped team, we will reach your doorstep at the right time! We can reach earlier than the mentioned time but never late.

 Transparent pricing plan: We never burden you with additional charges. After conducting the inspection, we mention the price in segments in the written quote. Our service charges are undeniably highly affordable. 

Experienced pest control agents: When we are handling the rodent control program, you can stay in utmost peace. All our members have multiple years of experience and do what is best for you.  

Service To All Core Areas And Neighbouring Locations Of Brisbane

With a team of expert pest control agents, we provide our rodent control services across Brisbane. Alongside, we now offer our amenities to the neighbourhood addresses, including the suburbs, including Green Island, Mud Island, Bulwer, Cowan Cowan, Kooringal, St Helena Island, and more.