• They are only asking for warmth, shelter, and food. Roof holes are a heavy traffic region because of the services they provide, such as insulation, which functions as a comforter, downward lights, which produce heat, and shielding, which gives protection from the weather and predators.

  • How long would it take for the rodent control procedure to work?

    With mice, we usually have complete control in less than a week. Rats, on the other hand, might take longer since they are neophobic (fearful of new objects in their surroundings), thus they take forever to find the items. Often, we have complete control in 4 to 5 weeks, excluding the earlier indicated waves.

  • What should I anticipate after treatment?

    A rise in banging sounds as a result of the rats engaging with the bait. Be ready for the sounds to stop but then reappear due to high populations for the season arriving in waves; this can repeat numerous times, but take comfort in the fact that our specialists have placed plenty of items to withstand several rounds of activity.